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    How to Start a Career in Web Development

    Web developers are at the forefront at the rapid change in internet technology. The kind of websites we browse, the gifts we order, the news we peruse online are all possible thanks to the highly skilled web developers who make it their top priority to design, implement and develop websites. Web developers are involved in the entire process of web creation from the time of helping designers get aesthetic properties such as layout and color to technical considerations such as designing a website and handling a given amount of traffic. The best thing about web developing is that it is an exciting field that is at the forefront of digital age and in addition it is an ever-growing field.

    Job description of web developers

    Web developers are usually involved in the process of designing and developing websites as well as their applications. The make use of a variety of programming languages and technologies in order to manage a web sites functionality and implement application features as well as integrate security measures. Most of the web developers have expertise in object-oriented programming language, multi-platform development as well as building of web applications. Web developers have the ability to blend creative vision along with project management skills so as to plan, design and build websites and integrated applications. Due to the complex nature of websites the developers traditionally specialize in one or two tracks from front end to back end. Entering the field of web designing can be a daunting task since there is a lot of things to consider.

    Get a college degree

    You don’t need to fall for the common notion that you need a college degree. As much as its not a necessary requirement in the field of IT tech heavyweights such as Apple, Google and IBM no longer require their employees to have a degree. Most of the smaller software companies have been operating like this for a very long time. They are more interested in the skills than what you have learned in class. The challenge with teaching web development in colleges is the fact that the curriculum approval process is not able to keep up with the rapid change and advancement in web technology.

    Fortunately, there is an overwhelming number of coding and designing platforms where one can advance their skills for free or at a cheaper cost. Going through conventional college is still a great idea but you will still need to go through the online learning platforms to keep up-to-date. College is and will always be a valid option even if it is not a necessary requirement in most job postings. It is a great place for directed learning, personal growth and offers a great exposure.


    Bootcamps are the best alternative to traditional college. Such programs tend to hone in one specific discipline within the web and design development platform and generally only takes a few months. By focusing heavily on current skills and theory the condense base learning time significantly reduces the cost from traditional college route. Bootcamps tend to cost a lot more since they tend to replace traditional college hence you will need to find truck that is best suited for your particular field.

    Get comfortable with self-learning

    Internet technology is constantly evolving and will always have something to teach whether you go to college or you use bootcamp or even use the web itself for learning opportunities. Acquiring the necessary skills to learn will be an added advantage. A good design and development principle stay the same and learning the best way to implement those principles through the use of current tools and technologies is the best part.

    Online courses more often are very expensive. They often put some of the best curriculum and its one of those rare cases where you get more than what you paid for. They also tend to add new content at a very fast rate in that one is more likely to find up-to-date courses.

    Specialize in one field

    Web development is a very wide project and it is a very complex project to build a website. Depending on the specific job, developers are proficient in using diverse types of software applications such as CSS, JavaScript Framework and version control. This will not only help them have a characterized role but also understand the process as a whole. You need to make up your mind whether you want to be a front end developer, back end, interface design or you want to get into mobile application development.

    Online communities

    There is nothing more fun in web development than getting to meet and interact with other folks who are doing the same thing as you. Online communities help individuals to connect, interact and explore ideas through sharing with peers. It is very helpful for beginners and advanced learners and can be even interesting and rewarding if you have joined an international online community forum. The advantage with online community is that they don’t meet in a physical space. They meet occasionally over the internet making it cheap and very convenient for everyone.

    Develop experience by building things

    The best way to master your skills in web development is through working on real world projects as it turns out to be very necessary. You can’t just claim to be a web developer if you have only gone through tutorials. You need to have practical skills and you can only achieve that by solving real problems. When developing something real you get to not only engage in practical skills but also put what you have learned into practice. Many successful websites and apps started as projects for aspiring web developers. When websites go down for one reason or another many people see it as an opportunity to capitalize on a void. This was the case for the popular site Backpage. Sites like Doublelist and Bedpage arose quickly as replacements with the work of those looking to capture the demand that Backpage left behind.

    Launch online portfolio

    Every employer out their desires to know what you have actually done in your career. They want results such as successful sites and application builds. Through the use of portfolio, the developers are able to test new technologies, demonstrate their coding talent and technical capabilities. Once you have a portfolio that stands out then it will be a great avenue towards landing a job in web development. There are also plenty of websites such as Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork where you can use your portfolio to get freelance jobs from companies and individuals.