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    UI & UX Explained

    Both the terms UX and UI design might be similar,but in some aspects, they are both different. UX is called User Experience design while on the other side UI defines as User Interface design. Two of these elements are important but their roles are quite variant from each other.

    User experience means the designing of the items in a human first way. This can be applied anywhere be it a coffee machine or a website. This refers as the communication between the customer and a service or product. The designer of UX thinks about how a user experiences about certain design. It doesn’t depend on the design, instead it is based on entire experience of the user. Where as User Interface concentrates on the product optimization. It is a practice digitally which considers the interactive or visual elements of an item interface involving icons, buttons, or spaces. Its aim is to guide the user through the interface of the product. UI design transfers the visual resources and strengths of brands to an interface of item for ensuring the design is coherent, pleasing, and consistent.

    Learning the contrasts between UX and UI designs

    The design of UX is everything about the experience of the user whereas the UI design is everything regarding how the interfaces of the product function and appear to the user.
    The designer of UX takes into consideration about the whole journey of the user in solving a specific issue. The problems such as what kind of jobs they need to finish, what type of steps they are required to take? The experience is straightforward or not. Their concentration is mainly on the types of issues and points of the users experience about certain product or service. They will perform depth research of the user to understand what the target customers want and find their requirements about particular item.

    They are going to map the journey of user about the item, taking into consideration about the things such as information architecture, arrangement of content, and labels of an items. They will also research about the needs of the user and define the highlights. They will make wireframes for setting up products blueprints.

    When certain product is mapped out then comes the responsibility of the UI designer. He/she steps in bringing the product blueprint to the life. The designer of UI considers every user’s journey visual aspects incorporating touchpoints and individual screens. It is like scrolling down a page, think tapping of a button, and swiping across the gallery of image. As the UX designer maps out the user’s journey, the designer of UI concentrates everything on the entire information to make this journey a possible one. UI design is all about visual aspects of certain product and influence whether the item is inclusive or accessible. They will think of queries like which combination of colors that are different can be utilized to make contrast and improve the readability. Or they think like what kind of pairing cater to color blindness.

    Let’s see how UI and UX design are two types of things that differ such as:

    • UX design is the one which comes at the beginning of the procedure of the product development which is followed by the UI.
    • The designer of UX maps out the user journey bare bones and blueprints about the product where as the designer of UI then completes it with the elements which are visual and interactive.
    • The design of UX is everything about solving and identifying the issues of users whereas the design of UI is everything about making certain users journey interfaces interactive, pleasing, and intuitive.
    • The design of the UX can be applied to any type of item or product or service or the experience. Whereas the design of UI is particular to some experiences and digital products.
    • UX design concentrates on the optimization of product and users’ journey. Whereas the design of UI mainly depends upon the visual aspects and entire design of particular product or service.

    Thus, these are the main contrasts or differences among user Experience design and User Interface design. When you learn these differences, you can be easily able to work with both of them together for building a website.